Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Luciano Barbera Suit

This is a picture of my double breasted Luciano Barbera suit. Luciano Barbera offers world class tailoring and incredibly elegant styling. Barbera suits have made the Robb Report list of the worlds best suits. Other suits that have made this esteemed list include Kiton, Brioni, Isaia, and Oxxford.

This garment was cut and stitched by hand. The lapel and collar padding has been sewn in with thousands of tiny stitches, as many as 2,000 in one lapel! The jacket was tailored using a canvas front construction. This means that the front of the jacket gets it shape from a sewn in canvas interlining. This is far superior (and much more labor intensive and expensive) to the fused method used in lesser quality jackets.

The front of this jacket will never bubble. The canvas front construction allows for a more tailored fit in the chest and a graceful "roll" to the lapel. If you examine the backside of the buttonholes you will notice that the stitching is slightly irregular. This is because the buttonholes were stitched by hand. The lapel buttonholes are functional. The lapels and pockets are finished with hundreds of tiny, handpicked stitches - one of the most beautiful features of a high-end jacket. The buttons are made of corozo (a vegetal ivory.)


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